We provide quality painting / coating services for metal applications in our electrostatic powder coating line with the latest system.

Iron, aluminum etc. . Electrostatic powder coating, which is a permanent and high-quality coating process to protect metals from external factors, is applied in special systems within our organization.

In the market, "powder coating", "oven coating", " electrostatic paint" etc. Although the process mentioned by these names is called a painting process, it is actually a coating operation. During this process, electric current is used and powdered paint particles are thrown onto the material to be applied with special guns.

The sprayed paint particles adhere to the surface due to the current in the material. The material then enters the baking oven and the paint/coating on the surface hardens, protecting the material from external factors.

Wide color swatch and scratch resistance, impact resistance as desired strength etc. Powder paints, which are supplied in a variety of shapes, can be applied carefully in our facilities.